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Here Are The 10 Simple Rules To Live The 'Best Life Ever'

John P Weiss writes to the Medium to share with us a roadmap left by Jean Vanier for how to live a better life. To him there are ten simple rules for how you can be present and care for your friends every day. It is said if you follow these rules you can "live the best life ever."

Here are the rules he writes:

  1. Accept the reality of your body.
  2. Talk about your emotions and difficulties.
  3. Don’t be afraid of not being successful.
  4. In a relationship, take the time to ask: “How are you?”
  5. Stop looking at your phone. Be present!
  6. Ask people: “What is your story?”
  7. Be aware of your own story.
  8. Stop prejudice: meet people.
  9. Listen to your deepest desire and follow it.
  10. Remember that you will die one day.

Do you agree with these rules? Is there anything you would add? Let us know by commenting and sharing!