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Angela Yee Inspires Us With Pressed-Juice Side Business

The Breakfast Club's Angela Yee stopped by the morning show to drop off juice from her new pressed juice company. It is inspiring to see someone take their side hustle and put in the work for a brand new business.

In 2016, Yee launched a juice bar in Brooklyn called 'Juices For Life.' People came from all over to to get their daily juice from the bar. Now, she is taking it to a whole new level by creating another product so that people can buy the juices for on the go. 'Drink Fresh Juice,' is an organic on the go selection of her juices.

"This is a good way for me to get some energy.... and they're great mixers for tequila and vodka," Yee quickly adds. Yee's juice products are 100% organic, vegan-friendly, dairy free and made out of organic non-GMO fruits and vegetables with a non-GMO seed foundation.

Pick up a juice for yourself and see how you like it! Go here for more info!