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Greg T Grills Hot Dogs And Hamburgers For Everyone Except Gandhi

Greg T. is firing up the grill for the Elvis Duran Show! Who wouldn't want to eat hamburgers and hot dogs at 8 in the morning! But what happened when Gandhi asked if there were any veggie burgers? Well.... between the wheat buns, potato buns, regular buns, Greg T was already losing his mind. But then when Gandhi asked for a veggie burger it was all over. What was worse? When Gandhi decided to make a grilled cheese on Greg T's GRILL! How dare she!

"It's like Gordon Ramsey is here," says Danielle about "Angry Chef Greg T." Then Elvis schools Greg T on the proper definition of a barbecue. saying what we're going in the studio today is not a real barbecue.

Elvis says, "I think typically [a barbecue] is like smoked meat you know and like brisket and smoked turkey." Gandhi adds that a proper "barbecue needs to be outside according to the definition and it says a meal or a gathering at which meat fish or other food is cooked outdoors on a rack over an elaborate fire."

Listen below as The Elvis Duran Show debates whether they are holding a barbecue or