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10 Best Moments From Our Trip To Puerto Rico

We had the BEST time hanging out, getting sun and drinking poolside cocktails in Puerto Rico at the beautiful Caribe Hilton! The incredible island of Puerto Rico surpassed all of our expectations. The people, the food, the culture... it was SO. MUCH. FUN! Everyone needs to get their booties to this island and experience the magic!

1. Greg T jumped in the pool with all of Skeery's clothes on!

2. Bebe Rexha yelled at Elvis for getting her tipsy!

3. Caribe Hilton greeted us with Pina Coladas as soon as we got there!

4. Caribe Hilton wrote Elvis' name in the sand!

5. Swimming in the pool with our friends!

6. Bebe Rexha's live performance during our on-air broadcast!

7. Getting to explore downtown San Juan, Pigeon Park, the rainforest and more!

8. Drinking LOTS of Pina Coladas because they were invented at the Caribe Hilton!

9. Doing a live broadcast outside in paradise and watching the sun come up!

10. And of course, hanging out with our amazing listeners!