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Elvis Duran Show Debates How Much Money to Give for a Wedding Gift (Video)

Weddings are an expensive business. Whether you are throwing one -or- attending one, you're going to shell out bucks either way!

Our video producer Jake posed this question to Elvis and the crew, "How much money should you give as a gift at a wedding?" Jake needs some advice because he doesn't have that much cash to spare. Would it look cheap to just get a physical gift instead? He's about to attend his first wedding sans his family and he's bringing a date. What is the appropriate amount to write a check for?

Web Girl Kathleen says he can get away with $150 - $200 because he's under 30-years-old, but that once you get older you have to give more. Gandhi says it doesn't matter what you give as long as it's from the heart. Danielle says $200 per person, so a total of $400, but Elvis thinks that's astronomically high for most people. David Brody says Jake should bring a blank check and see how nice the wedding is before writing in the number amount to the check.

What do you give at weddings?

Watch the on-air craziness below!