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Elvis Duran Gets Crazy Details From A Listener Who Spent 8-Years In Prison

Elvis and Gandhi are obsessed with this show on Netflix called Jailbirds. It's a documentary about life in prison. They are particularly fascinated with the way inmates use toilets to communicate! 

Our listener Erica called in to confirm work life at a maximum security prison is definitely a whole new world. A lot of the ways TV shows and movies portray prison life are 100% true, according to her. She gave us a few insider details about the single cell prison she works in the creative ways the inmates make illegal substances.

Then Gary called in to share details about the 8-years he spent in prison! For him, it was all about getting a girlfriend. "You spend enough time in prison, it doesn't matter what they look like," he told Elvis Duran! 

Listen to the on-air craziness below:

Image Source: Getty Images