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Dan Harris on How Meditation Can Rewire Your Brain (Watch)

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Dan Harris, ABC news correspondent and author of 10% Happier and Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics, stopped by Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to celebrate the 5th anniversary of his debut book and chat about how meditation can work from everyone. In 2004, Dan had a panic attack on national television after years of covering wars zones and self-medicating with cocaine. The episode forced him to reevaluate his life and Harris decided to write a book about his journey to a clearer mind and more peaceful existence.

"I had, in a total coincidence, been assigned to cover faith and spirituality for ABC News around the same time that I was freaking out on television. [...] I was not interested in this stuff at all, but ultimately through this beat I discovered a self-help writer named Eckhart Tolle. He was the first person who ever pointed out to me that we have a voice in our heads," Harris told Elvis Duran about his initial steps towards meditation and mindfulness. 

Today, Harris' own company, 10% Happier, works to teach companies how to use meditation and mindfulness to their advantage. He's been working directly with Apple to teach their 150,000 employees how to meditate.

"We're seeing record levels of anxiety, depression and suicide among young people, it's horrific, and i think meditation is now starting to catch on in schools ... I think this is a really positive intervention." He later continued, "You're resetting your body there. You are actually...there is a lot of science that suggests you're just sending a message to your body. The message that 'okay for a second here, let's relax.'"

Check out Elvis Duran's full video interview with Dan Harris below.

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