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BTS Talks Close Friendship With Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes and BTS fans are already anxiously awaiting a collaboration between Mendes and BTS, but their friendship is one that we were not prepared for! Fresh off the release of their new album Map Of The Soul: Persona, BTS is heading to New York City to perform on Saturday Night Live. Before their big performance the seven member group made a stop at the Elvis Duran Show to talk about their song Boy With Luv featuring Halsey as well as their beloved BTS Army and their friendship with Mendes.

The friendship began at the AMAs where Mendes recognized the group in the bathroom and sparked an introduction. "I was in the room, in the bathroom and they were all outside washing their hands," says RM about the encounter with Mendes. Now BTS can say, "we're friends."

Mendes once confessed that he wasn't sure BTS would even know who he was when they met but called it "amazing," finding out all seven members of the group enjoyed his music and are fans. As for a collaboration together, Mendes has said before that he can "always make room for BTS."

While we're waiting on that collaboration we can celebrate the release of BTS' Boy With Luv a song featuring Halsey. The song is just incredible and a song just for the Army."This is about, if you become a BTS fan, if you become a BTS Army, you know, you will find out what this song is truly about." RM continues saying, "In 2014 we released a song called Boy In Luv, and that's about young love, teen love, this time we grew up, we sing about what the true love is."

You can listen to their full interview with the Elvis Duran Show below and check out their new album Map Of The Soul: Persona out now!