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Elvis Duran Chats About The Pros And Cons of Being A Workaholic (Listen)

Elvis Duran Chats About The Pros And Cons of Being A Workaholic

Elvis Duran chatted about a recent article he read that revealed 48% of Americans consider themselves to be workaholics! Turns out 58% of office working Americans check their work email after waking up while they are still in bed. While he doesn't consider himself to be a workaholic, Elvis opened up the conversation for his morning show family to come clean about how they found balance in their lives after working-to-the-bone for years. Turns out, we all have a lot of 'work-fomo.' Time for a vacation?

The survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of The Vision Council, also found that being a workhorse in the office can affect the health of our eyes with 1 in 3 American office employees spending an average of 9 hours in front of a screen on working days.

If you're wondering whether or not it's time to reprioritize your life, according the these are the top ten signs you are a workaholic:

  1. Prioritizing work before my personal life
  2. Worrying about work on a day off
  3. Struggling to switch off or actually working while on a vacation
  4. Checking emails in the middle of the night
  5. Being the first person to get to work and last to leave
  6. Feeling pressured or too busy to take annual leave
  7. Working through lunch
  8. Feeling anxious or lost if I don’t check in/know what’s happening at work
  9. Being told by friends/family I work too much
  10. Checking emails first thing in the morning

Listen to our full on-air conversation below.

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