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Elvis Duran's Glitter Poopsie Slime Surprise Fail (Video)

Elvis Duran's Poopsie Slime Surprise

Elvis Duran unboxed a Poopsie Slime Surprise doll that he got for Christmas and no one can get it to actually poo glitter! Everyone on the show gave the pooping unicorn doll, complete with a toilet and glitter feces mixture, a try - but no one could make it work. 

Our producer, Scotty B, said the doll be bought for his daughters had hardened poop in the tummy of the toy and they couldn't get it to come out. Greg T also did his best to make Elvis' doll poo glitter, but could only achieve a sparkly diarrhea-like substance. 

Watch our in-studio pooping debacle + listen to the full saga below.

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