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The Reason Why Samin Nosrat Is Our New Foodie Best Friend

After binging Samin Nosrat's's new Netflix series Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat,Elvis Duran is calling it one of the best cooking shows he's ever seen. 

"It goes beyond being a cooking show. It's really a show about culture. It's a show about tastes. It's a show about learning new things and trying new things. It's so incredible!" Her visit to Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Friday, December 7th proved that Elvis was right! Samin's infectious smile, laugh and deep love of food mad everyone on the show crush on her (even some of the "Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat" virgins).

When Duran asked where her fascination with food comes from, Nosrat was quick reply the answer is simple: she loves to eat! 

"I have always loved to eat. Which I think is really, really important - especially if you want to have a career in the food world. And I say that because there are some cooks I know who don't love to eat. I think they view it as a sciencey... you know. Eating is so sensual and it's an important part of being a human. So I think if you're going to pursue a life in this or if you want to be a person who wants to enjoys their your daily eating - commit to it!"

Get Elvis Duran's full video interview with Samin Nosrat below + stay up-to-date with her on Instagram,, Netflix's Salt, Fat, Acid, Heatand check out her book which inspired the show!