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10 Uncomfortable Questions To Ask At Thanksgiving Dinner (Listen)

10 Uncomfortable Questions for the Thanksgiving Dinner Table

The holidays are stressful! There is food to prepare, presents to wrap, decorations to put up and family to host. The family that you don't necessarily like can be particularly taxing to be around. Conversation topics like politics - money - sex? Yikes! Elvis Duran asked listeners to send in their favorite uncomfortable questions to ask while sitting around the Thanksgiving dinner table (to get a rise out of your family) and got hundreds of responses!

These are our favorite submissions:

1. Do you think this turkey died quickly or did it suffer for a while?

Submitted by @innotof on Twitter.

2. If we weren't related, would you have sex with me?

Submitted by @anaorellanoIf on Instagram.

3. Did you really spend all day cooking?

Submitted by @hannahstaiger on Instagram.

4. So who did I inherit these chronic yeast infections from?

Submitted by @nyouel on Instagram.

5. Did everyone bring money to help pay for the food?

Submitted by @nyouel on Instagram.

6. Top or bottom?

Submitted by @rbeck_1979 on Twitter.

7. Hey Sis, did your "infection" finally clear up?

Submitted by @parties_by_mariac on Instagram.

8. Wow… you guys are still together?

Submitted by @jem_is_my_name on Instagram

9. Do you sit or stand to wipe your ass?

Submitted by @D_Avola7 on Twitter.

10. Aunt Susan, I know you’ve been through a divorce, lost your cat, your kids hate you, and you got fired from your job this year, but what are YOU thankful for?

Submitted by @xo_lish_xo on Instagram.

10 Uncomfortable Questions for the Thanksgiving Dinner Table

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