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Greg T Is Living His Best Life With Fancy Deodorant (Listen)

Legend deodorant from Montblanc

Greg T is very excited today because he discovered a new deodorant. It's called Legend by Montblanc, a company most known for very expensive pens that sell for $500 and more! 

He revealed to the room that it makes him feel good to have such a high-end deodorant, which he got for $24 at Lord & Taylor. Of course, Danielle found it for much cheaper online, but Greg T isn't letting anyone pee in his Fruit Loops...  He's living his best life! 

Danielle and Gandhi both took the opportunity to sniff test the product, agreeing that it did smell very good!

Where do you buy your deodorant? Elvis wears Old Spice from Walgreens!

Listen to our on-air conversation about Greg T's deodorant below.

Image Source: Getty Images