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Steve Aoki Has Known His Life's Purpose Since This Young Age

Elvis Duran's Mercedes-Benz Interview Lounge
Steve Aoki on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

Steve Aoki stopped by Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, after hanging out with Elvis in L.A. at ComplexCon, to chat about his new album Neon Future III- featuring BTS, Mike Posner, Lady Antebellum and more. Neon Future III is the third installment in Aoki's Neon Future series.

The 40-year-old Grammy nominee joked that being in his house feels like a vacation since he's on the road touring so much.

"It's an 18-year-old boy's dream house if they had the money to build their own house."

Aoki explained that his house actually has its own Instagram to showcase the foam pit, swimming pool, skate ramp and more.

Steve Aoki

Steve later opened up to Elvis Duran about how he has known since childhood that his life's purpose was to connect people. 

"I'm here on this planet... I'm here alive to connect. Since I was a kid, I always wanted to share the things that I've loved so much."

Get Elvis Duran's full video interview with Steve Aoki below

Steve Aoki on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show