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Greg T's New Game Is Fun For No One: Milkshake -or- Barf

Greg T's New Game: Milkshake -or- Barf

Gather round children, Greg T has the awesome new game that will bring joy to the whole family! It's called: Milkshake-or- Barf! Here's how you play:

1. Pull random food from the fridge like pickles, salad dressing, fish, butter, fruit, leftover dinner. Then put the random ingredients into the "Not So Desirable" pile.

2. Next pull delicious ice cream sundae type ingredients like chocolate sauce, ice cream, whipped cream, sprinkles, maraschino cherries, etc. Put these ingredients into the 'Desirable' pile.

3. Get out the blender.

4. Come up with a list of pop-culter questions to ask the 'drinker.'

5. For every question they get right, a desirable ingredient goes into the blender and vice versa for every question they answer incorrectly! 

Check out Greg T trying his best to win in our video below!

A little behind-the-scenes action from Elvis' Instagram.