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College Girl Sends 'Exit Interview' to Guys Who Ghost Her

College Girl Sends 'Exit' Interview to Guys Who Ghosted Her

Getting ghosted sucks, but this woman is taking control of the dating phenomenon in a genius way! 

Twitter user and comedian Abby Govindan (@Abbygov) revealed to the Twitterverse that she has a friend who sends 'exit interviews,' via a Google questionnaire, to guys who have ghosted her. The tweet has been liked more than 20,000 times since it was posted on September 30th, 2018.

The clever dater is 21-year-old Georgetown University student Katie Miller who says she gives the questionnaire so she can learn from her mistakes.

 "I wanted to see if I could prevent that, and I wanted to ask why it happened without initiating a conversation," Katie told Insider

The questionnaire doesn't hold back with some very blunt questions like:

  • What is wrong with Katie?
  • What is wrong with you?
  • At what point did you know this wouldn't work out?
  • Would you like to remain on the mailing list in a case Katie revisits your application or another opportunity opens up?
  • What could have Katie done to enhance the experience - no biting, more tater tots, give me a shoulder massage, etc. 
College Girl Sends 'Exit Survey' To Guys That Ghosted Her
College Girl Sends 'Exit Survey' to Guys Who Ghosted Her
College Girl Sends Exit Surveys to Guys After They Ghost Her

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Retweeters and commenters had a field day with Abby's reveal of Katie's forward dating tactic. Check out some of the best responses below.

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