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25 Things To Know About Elvis Duran's New Co-Host, Gandhi (Listen)

Gandhi from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

This week we're welcoming a new member of our Elvis Duran and the Morning family! 

For her first live broadcast, Medha Gandhi aka Gandhi as we call her, joined Elvis and the team on September 17th! Previously, she was a co-host on Matty in the Morning on Boston's Kiss 108. We're so excited for Gandhi to make the move from Massachusettes to New York City! 

As we're getting to know her, Gandhi is sharing 25 facts about herself - everything from her love of Q-tips to her ability to fall asleep in the shower! 

Listen to our on-air conversations below:



25 Things You Don't Know About Gandhi:

1. Gandhi is my Great-Grandfather… well, actually great-great-grandfather. If you google his family tree, you’ll find me under his first son’s branch (Harilal).

2. I LOVE my job. I’m thankful every day that I wake up happy to go to work.

3. I’ve gone skydiving, swimming with sharks, zip-lining through the Sierra Madres, left Egypt 2 days before the Arab Spring, and still find the most terrifying thing to be the 5 minutes of stand-up comedy I was forced to do for one of my old shows.

4. I’m really short, with freakishly long arms.

5. I have an unhealthy obsession with Q-Tips and dental floss.

6. I have been in an Enzyte commercial…yes, it’s a “male enhancement” supplement… fun fact, the male lead in that commercial was none other than MAXWELL

7. Sometimes, I sing so loudly in the shower that it makes me light headed and I have to sit down. I also love lying down in the shower in general, and sometimes, I fall asleep

8.  In college, my apartment building was burned down by a neighbor trying to cover up the murder of another neighbor.

9. I totally believe in ghosts and aliens, and nobody will ever be able to talk me out of that.

10. I never kill bugs. I catch them and take them outside… Some have accidentally lost limbs in the process… They may have been better off dead.

11. I was robbed by a monkey in India. He stole an entire bag of souvenirs and the locals actually got it all back.

12. My older sister is my best friend, and I’m pretty sure, the greatest human on the planet.

13. If it seems like I stopped paying attention while you’re talking to me, it’s because I am probably googling something you just said that made me wonder…

14. I eat standing up in my apartment. It’s weird.

15. All the people I have worked with have successfully scared me into not getting married. I’m not sure I even believe in it anymore. My ex-boyfriend didn’t appreciate that.

16. I think that people should have to pass extensive testing in order to have children and own pets or be sterilized.

17. My ultimate goal is to become a voiceover for Disney movies. I do fairly decent impressions. My Nancy Grace is off the chain.

18. I go through weird phases with food. Once, I ate nothing but Zucchini and Mushrooms for a month. My sister made me consult a doctor on the health risks of my extremeness.

19. My guilty pleasures include game shows, cartoons, and Tyler Perry movies. Don’t judge.

20. I have 3 tattoos - none of which MOST people will ever see, and one of which I mildly regret. Heading in for a 4th soon.

21. I am very honest – sometimes a little too honest. Don’t ask me if you look fat in that outfit.

22. My first love was killed in a boating accident while we were dating, and I miss him every day. I also cite this as the reason why I am a relationship weirdo.

23. I never knew how ridiculous my laugh was until I started working in radio. This is why I never listen back to anything unless I have to do it.

24.  I often get carded for things I didn’t know you got carded for… like rated R movies.

25. I have a super-creepy crush on Jason Momoa….suuuuuper creepy.