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Watch This Hilarious Family Convince Little Sister She Is Invisible

Little Girl Is Tricked Into Thinking She's Invisible

Don't we all wish that sometimes we could turn ourselves invisible? It's the superpower of choice for many, except for one little girl who experienced the phenomenon for a few mins at the hand of a crafty family in a video that's gone viral. 

Twitter user @_makaylaanne__ shared a short video on her account of a family convincing their youngest member that she's disappeared. In the clip, a teenage girl holds a blanket in front of a chair that a younger girl sits in. "So I am going to make her disappear," the teen announces to the room and drops the blanket over the girl. "One, two, three," she continues and whips the blanket off of her 'subject.'

The family plays along, pretending that they no longer see their young family member. Things escalate quickly when they take a previously staged pic of the 'invisible girl' on the couch depicting her not showing up in the photo.

Everyone in the video is a really good actor, but is this the best prank ever -or- the meanest prank ever?

Twitter commenters got in on the hilarity, commenting about the dog, the girl's epic reaction, the family's incredible performance and what it would really like to be invisible.