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FEEL GOOD NEWS: This Man's Mission To Clean Water Will Make You Cry

James Leitner

James Leitner, founder of Mission Clean Water, is a hero of mine, and his mission is simple: he wants to provide the entire world with clean drinking water, starting with troubled communities in Africa. 

Now, it’s HOW he does it that is so amazing. He once ran a marathon a month for 12 months straight while holding a 45 pound jug of water over his head, which mimicked what women and children do daily just to access to semi-clean water.

Then he started a 3,250 mile walk from NJ to California pulling 90 pounds of water behind him the entire time. While on his 80-day adventure, he donated his time to other water insecure places, such as Flint Michigan. 

He raised thousands of dollars during this journey and was actually recognized by UPS,  who were SO inspired by this young man that they are sending him to Africa for two weeks to sponsor his own clean water project. 

Watch the video of his latest chapter HERE! James we are so excited for your trip and wish you all the fulfillment and success!

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