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Elvis Duran Just Made A BIG Announcement About His Wedding Party! (Listen)

Elvis Duran, Froggy and Danielle Monaro from Elvis Duran Show

Elvis Duran got engaged to his longtime boyfriend, Alex, on Friday, June 13th in front of their family and closest friends at their house in Santa Fe! Alex surprised Elvis by opening an umbrella indoors, a gesture that is usually considered bad luck, but instead, the top of the umbrella said "Elvis, will you marry me?"

AND NOW... Elvis has made a big on-air announcement about his wedding party! During the morning show broadcast on August 20th, Elvis peeled back the curtains to some his closest friendships with other show members and asked Danielle Monaro and Froggy to stand next to him on his big day as a part of his wedding party! 

Listen to the very sweet on-air moment below + get caught up on some highlights from Elvis and Alex's engagement below.

Elvis Duran Talks About Getting Engaged On-Air: