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#WhatsTrending: This DIY Jelly Manicure Looks Professional

Jelly Nails

Ever since Kylie Jenner posted a picture of her "jelly" manicure on Instagram, people have been buzzing for the look!

The look is pretty damn 90's - its a translucent/colorful manicure that allows you to see where you nail ends underneath the polish. It basically looks like see-through plastic! Totally retro vibe for millennials. WELL, in order to get the trendy look you need to go to a salon. UNLESS you get a UV light (you can get that for under $25 HERE on Amazon), and an at-home kit! Like this set of 8 Jelly polishes from UR Sugar!

The look changes with each layer you ad, and this is really the most cost efficient way to be one degree closer to the hand of a Kardashian clan member. Get the set for under $20 HERE!

Jelly Nails



Sam from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

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