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#WhatsTrending: Scalp Sunscreen Is The Beach Accessory You Need Now

Scalp Force

We all know it is super important to wear sunblock to protect yourself. However, there are a couple places we often forget to take care of- my forgotten problem areas? My ears (poor little guys) and my SCALP! I can't exactly put the white lotion on my hair-part line and have it look normal, and if I use the spray my head looks greasy as hell- it's pretty gross. That's why I love this product (introduced to my by Froggy's wife Lisa, sup girl), Scalp Force!

Simply put? It's a sunblock you can spray on your hairline, which offers protection WITHOUT the gross oil feel or greasy look. 

It's a problem solver I didn't realize I needed!  Get yours HERE!

Sam from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show