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FEEL GOODS: Man Runs in Late Son's Honor

Rik Run

Rik Zortman started a running ritual that saved his spirit almost a decade after his 3-year-old son died from cancer. Armstrong passed away in 2008 which sent Rik into a plummet of darkness that he had a hard time escaping from. however, one day he decided to take what his son loved to do and use it to honor him- so he ran the name Armstrong in the streets using a route tracker app. It felt so appropriate and so powerful that he asked people to submit the name of a chid in their life who had been battling cancer. For almost an entire year, Rik spelled out hundreds of names and sent screenshots of the route to their families. Now he is deployed overseas as a member of the Iowa National Guard, but his impact remains. Watch the story covered by ESPN here!

xoxoxo SAM