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#WhatsTrending: This Silver Antibacterial Cloth Is A Game Changer

Germ-Eraser Cloth

Soooooo fun fact, silver is amazing at killing bacteria! We've known about it for so long, that even in ancient times (we are talking BC days) people use to store their water in silver bottles to prevent spoiling!  Men at sea used to put silver coins into the barrels of water to purify the water, AND before the refrigerator, people made their utensils out of silver to kill bacteria on food, hence silverware. That's why this germ-eraser hand wipe is pretty much a no-brainer! 

The Germ-Eraser cloth contains 99% pure silver, and will replace all other hand sanitizing products you may have on you! 

  • Won't dry out your skin causing cracking and then allowing pathogens to get inside your body
  • You can wipe down germ infested areas
  • Contains NO alcohol or harmful chemicals
  • Not messy to use
  • No odor
  • Easy to carry
  • No need to ever replace

I am sold. 

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