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#WhatsTrending: How To Reseal Your Wine Bottle With a Condom

Wine Condom

We've all been there... you're halfway through a bottle of wine that is delicious, but you can't finish it and there's no wine stopper in sight. It's especially annoying when you're at a BYO restaurant and you want to continue the wine party at home, but it's weird to walk out of the place with an open bottle of wine. This is why I love the convenience of WINE CONDOMS! 

Our listener Amy tipped me off on this hilarious product that is equal parts functional and giggle-inducing. AND they are exactly what the title suggests: little condoms that you put on top of your wine bottle after opening! 

Wine Condoms roll down the neck of the bottle and seal it tight. This way you and your drunk friends can knock over the bottle all night long and it won't spill! My very favorite part? They are packaged like actual condoms! Also, it's a super cute gift to bring with a bottle of wine (just maybe not to your mom's dinner party)!

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