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The Struts Announce Exclusive Collaboration with Kesha on Elvis Duran Show

The Struts, Britain's coolest glam-rockers, stopped by Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to chat about their new single, “Primadonna Like Me,” off of their second studio album, Body Talks

Frontman Luke Spiller chatted about being asked to open for the Rolling Stones and the Foo Fighters leading up to their debut headline tour announcement.

"Well basically we'd been touring around France, a lot, and we had a lot of great radio support leading up to that 'Stones' show. Somebody dropped out literally two weeks before the performance and we were just suggested in a meeting and then we got the call," Spiller said about opening from the Rolling Stones before The Struts had even released their first album. 

The band went on to give Elvis Duran listeners the exclusive scoop about their collaboration with Kesha on the remix of their single "Body Talks."

"We can finally say it! We've been holding this in and it's great to get this one out!" Luke Spiller told Elvis Duran. [Kesha] is a real rock and roller at heart really. When you talk to her about her music and stuff, she loves the Stones. She loves a lot of great British bands. So I think we naturally connected and she heard the song and that was it really. " 

Spiller went on to say that Kesha told him she only had to listen to the first 20 seconds of "Body Talks" before saying 'yes.' When they got together to record the track, Kesha hadn't even heard the chorus yet!

The Struts and Kesha "Body Talks" mix hasn't been released, but that didn't stop Elvis Duran giving the song its first radio spin! You can't find it anywhere! 

(The Struts, above left to right: Luke Spiller, Gethin Davies, Jed Elliott, Adam Slack)

Tickets for The Struts' Body Talks tour are on sale now and launches September 21st in Detroit, Michigan. You can catch them in San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale, Washington DC and more. Their opening acts include Thunderpussy, Sunflower Beam, Spirit Animal and White Reaper. Additional details are available on the band's website

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The Struts Facebook Live performance for Elvis Duran and the Morning Show:

Image Source: (Kesha) Getty Images