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Doja-Cat's 'Mooo!' Is The Meme Worthy Video We're Watching on Repeat

Doja Cat - "Mooo!" (Official Video)

Doja Cat's new track 'Mooo!' has us yelling "Bitch, I'm a cow" around the office AND Chance The Rapper is a fan too! 

The LA-based rapper has us hooked with a new video of her casually sipping a milkshake / eating a burger while animated images of boobs float behind her. She even finds a key moment during the musical masterpiece to stuff a few french fries up her nose. 

Released last week, and the only video on Doja Cat's YouTube channel, "Mooo!" has managed to rack up nearly half-a-million views in 4 days. 

Even Chance The Rapper is jumping on the Doja Cat fan train with an August 13th tweet proclaiming his love for her song. "So now im a big doja cat fan," he wrote on his account, adding a cow emoji at the end. 

Check out the video below.