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#WhatsTrending: The Best Period Panties For People Who Love Pop Culture

Period Panties from Hare Brained Design

No one loves talking about this, but hey, period leaks happen to the best of us! It's important to have a sense of humor about it! That's why these hilarious period underwear (with fun twist) from Hare Brained are PERIOD PERFECT.

I've ruined way too many sheets, undies, etc because of period leakage issues and I'm over it. Period products are expensive and cause a lot of waste, so the idea of being able a teeny bit more eco-friendly with washable period panties makes me happy. 

I love Hare Brained's designs because they use famous pop culture references and turn them into sassy panties. My favorites are the "Shark Week," "Mudblood Briefs," and "Redpool" panties,

Laugh about the monthly visitor and buy your period panties with pun at


Sam Rosalie from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show