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#WhatsTrending: Stop Boob Sweat And Thigh Chaffing With Megababe

Megababe Bust Dust and Thigh Rescue

It is summertime sweaty out there, people! And that means SERIOUS boob sweat (swamp knockers, as I like to call them), and lower body thigh chafing (ow)!

There's nothing fun about wearing a cute summer dress or top with two sweaty crescent moons under your bra line... trust me, I've been there. Double down on that thought with a rash between your thighs from a fun day in the sun that ended some thigh rubbage side effects and the rest of your week is ruined! 


Thankfully, these two incredible products from Megababe counteract both those issues: Bust Dust (for your girls) and Thigh Rescue (for between your legs)! They get AMAZING reviews, are super easy to apply, are aluminum-free & paraben-free, and have NEVER been tested on animals, only mega babes!

Get yours here:

Xoxoxoxox, SAM



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