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#WhatsTrending: Adorable Hair Wraps!

I, like many women, am constantly looking for a way to up my hair accessory game! ESPECIALLY on the days when my hair is not being fully cooperative. That's why I LOVE these Hair Wrap accessories from Dillon Joy!

Dillon Joy has an entire line of hair wraps in TONS of colors and patterns, each of which is names after a different woman whom inspired her! Today I am wearing the Nina Leen, yesterday I was wearing a deep dull red guy called the Scout Finch (from To Kill a Mockingbird), but I have my eyes on the Audrey Hepburn, which is this black and white tie-dye look!

They even have little kid's sizes so you can get a mommy and me pair! Super adorable, I love mine!

Get yours HERE!

Xoxoxoxox, SAM




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