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FEEL GOODS: Random Acts Of Kindness Everywhere!

Here is an easy movement we can ALL participate in- R.A.K.E. Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere!!!!! 

The story is super simple- Ricky Smith in Cleveland has a giant bleeding heart and needs to help people in as many ways as he could.  He was totally random with his acts of kindness and would do good for people in situations rather than choose massive charities- he'd hand out umbrellas on rainy days. Or he would go to a sporting event and give total strangers great tickets!  

He wants to encourage ALL OF US to act kindly and randomly- we can all participate any nay, no matter how small. But if you want to help Ricky with his mission ad he travels around doing good, you can donate or buy some happy swag from his page! 

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Xoxoxoxox, SAM