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Greg T Dressed Like A Hot Dog On A Water Slide

In honor of National Hot Dog Day, Greg T went down the new water slide at CamelBeach, High Noon Typhoon, dressed like a hot dog! 

It was a typical beautiful day at the CamelBeach in the Poconos of Pennsylvania. Greg T, in true Greg T fashion, wore a hot dog suit to celebrate one of our favorite holiday's 'National Hot Dog Day,' and it was a great way to start the morning! At first Greg T seemed more than ready to hop in the tube to take him down the slide. His hot dog suit was on, his camera was ready and he had a lifeguard close in by. It was finally time to start! 

With that lifeguard still in check, Greg T got pushed down the High Noon Typhoon and started making his way down to the water. His face says it all!   

Don't worry, despite the look in those eyes Greg T had so much fun he even went up and did it all again! 

Watch the Facebook live stream below: