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Danielle's Advice For Rocking The Crap Out Of White Heels

White buy or not to buy?

Can you believe that I don't own a pair of white pumps? I own soooooooo many pairs of shoes...but I have always stayed away from white pumps. I just always thought they were so 80's or that I would never really wear them. I love a white shoe with a splash of color on it, even a floral print, but never just plain white. 

When I think "pop of color," I think red, pink, blue, yellow, green...never white!  Then I saw a girl in a biker jacket, red t-shirt, ripped jeans and a white pump! A girl in a cute flowered sundress and white pumps! So, I started to re-think the white pump.

When the weather gets warmer and the season changes I like to up my shoe game! I start looking at magazines and websites for inspiration. In the last few weeks, I started to see even more really pretty all white pumps. I kept seeing them everywhere and so it was time to take a trip to DSW to find the perfect pair of white pumps! I really need to wear blinders when I enter a shoe store, I want to buy everything. This day was different, I was on a mission to find my new spring/summer staple white pump.  I tried on a few different styles and then fell in love with a Jessica Simpson white embossed faux leather pump. They are beautiful, comfy and add just the right pop of fun to my outfits!  

So what I really am trying to say...don't be afraid of an all white pump....add one to your shoe collection. You will be surprised at how much you wear them. It's not even summer yet and I am wearing mine as I write this blog! Who said you have to wait until Memorial Day to wear white...WHATEVER!