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Elvis Duran's Class of 2018 Yearbook Awards

We always say that working on this show is like a never-ending 4 years of high school with all the drama and fights. LOL. (Jk... only a little.) 

Check out our official 2018 yearbook pics + superlative awards! 

Most Likely to be President: Elvis

Runners-up: Brody, Kathleen, Andrew

Most Likely to Write the Next Harry Potter: Web Girl Kathleen

Runner-up: Danielle

Most Likely to Win the Lottery and Lose the Ticket: Greg T

Runners-up: Scotty, Jake, Josh, Skeery, Brody, Danielle

Most Likely to Be on a Reality Show: Andrew

Runner-up: Skeery

Most Changed Since Freshman Year: Sam

Runners-up: Greg T, Yaritza, Elvis

Most Likely to Win a Nobel Prize: Elvis

Runner-up: Danielle

Most Likely to be on Catfish: Skeery

Runner-up: Jake

Most Likely to Travel the World: Elvis

Runner-up: Kathleen

Most likely to Become a Farmer: Josh

Runner-up: Greg T

Most likely to Marry for Money: Yaritza

Runners-up: Skeery

Most likely to Break a World Record: Greg T, Danielle, Jake 

Runner-up: Sam

Most likely to Remain Terminally Bitchy Later in Life: Greg T

Runners-up: Brody, Nate

Most likely to Appear in a Compromising Act on YouTube: Greg T

Runners-up: Scotty, Nate, Skeery

Most likely to Grow Old, Alone: Skeery (unanimous vote)

Runner-up: Greg T

Most likely to Have Buried Under the Front Porch: Nate

Runners-up: Greg T, Josh

Most likely to Own a Winery and Likely Consume the Profit Margin: Kathleen

Runner-up: Elvis

Most likely to be Fired for Sexting Scandal in Later Life: Froggy/Skeery

Runners-up: Nate

Most likely to become a Big Shot in Something Pointless: Skeery

Runners-up: Greg T

Most Likely to Grow medical Marijuana but has not Been Diagnosed with any Illness Other than “the munchies”: Andrew

Runners-up: Josh, Elvis