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Sam Has A Point System for Her Messy Boyfriend (Listen)

Sam designed a point system to encourage her boyfriend to be cleaner when he stays at her apartment. She's a neat freak and he's a mess... always! 

When he does stuff like leaving dirty dishes in the sink, forgetting to close cabinets, eating in bed, leaving laundry on the bathroom floor he racks up points and when he hits 100 pts, he has to take her out to a really nice dinner. 

Would you use this trick with your significant other? LOL!

Check out her system:

  • Leaving kitchen drawer open: 3 points
  • Leaving toilet seat up: 5 points
  • Leaving the apartment door unlocked: 20 points
  • Leaving my bed unmade: 5 points
  • Leaving dishes in the sink: 10 points
  • Taking the tag off of something and leaving it on my dresser instead of throwing it away: 3 points
  • Leaving food in my room: 20 points
  • Leaving the AC on: 10 points
  • Farting without a heads up: 5 points
  • Using the toilet paper without replacing the roll: 3 points
  • Walking inside with shoes on: 3 points

Images Source: Getty Images