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#WhatsTrending: Fancy DIY 'No Paint' Manicures That Look Amazing

I LOVE to have perfectly polished nails- to me, neat nails are soothing to look at, and show you I am a neat person! Unfortunately, getting them done professionally adds up, and I don't always have the time or the steady hand to do it myself! That's why I am so in love with Color Street!

This company makes playful nails accessible to everyone! They are basically high-quality polish stickers: you remove the cover from the nail-are sticker, push it on your nail and gently stretch to fit, push into place and file away the excess polish! I was so surprised with how easy it was and how wonderful they looked when I was done! 

They have a lot of nail art to choose from, from glitter to patterns to solid colors! Check them out, add some extra fab to your look!

Xoxoxoxox, SAM