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The Exciting Reason Why Alden Ehrenreich Says 'Solo' Can Stand Alone

Alden Ehrenreich, the leading man in the new Star Wars franchise film, Solo: A Star Wars Story, stopped by the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show today to chat about why everyone will love the 'new' Han Solo! 

Made iconic by Harrison Ford (whom Alden got to meet...ahhh!), Han Solo is finally getting his own pre-Star Wars timeline! Based off of the legendary smuggler with a heart of gold, Ehrenreich promised Elvis Duran that even non-Star Wars fans will love the movie! 

"This one, in particular of the new films, is most sort of its own story in a way." He continued, "If it wasn't Star Wars, it would still be this great fun adventure story."Later on, Elvis played a clip of an interview Alden did with Entertainment Tonight where Harrison Ford jokingly interrupted and said, "Get out of my chair, get out of my life!"

Sounds like Alden Ehrenreichis giving him a run for his money! 

Solo: A Star Wars Story opens in theaters this Friday, May 25th.

Check out Elvis Duran's full video interview with Alden Ehrenreich below: