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Our Adventures Aboard Norwegian Cruise Line's Bliss

On Thursday, May 3rd, we boarded Norwegian's incredible ship, the Bliss... aka Elvis' ship cause he's the godfather! 

Right away we were greeted with some delicious, frothy Starbucks drinks. They are free on the ship! 

Then it was time for some EPIC go-cart racing. Elvis *thinks* he won, but it was really Danielle! 

And of course, cocktails + relaxation! 

We wrapped up our first night with a cocktail party and a delicious dinner. OMG, the sea bass and the champagne and the seafood cocktails... we're salivating thinking about everything we ate! 

Then it was time for the LIVE broadcast from the ship the next morning! 

Elvis and his boyfriend Alex *almost* got married by the Captain of the ship but decided to hold off at the last second. Lol.

And of course, Uncle Johnny made cocktails! 

Our friends from AJR treated us to a live performance! 

Lastly, we filmed After Elvis from the deck... ahhhh..... can we please do this every day?