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Charlie Puth Reveals Upcoming Single 'The Way I Am' Will Shock People

Charlie Puth called into Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to chat about his upcoming album Voicenotes, out on May 11th. 

Voicenotes is the sophomore studio album from the three-time Grammy nominee. 

When Elvis Duran asked the 29-year-old New Jersey native if there was a theme to the sound and feel of the album vs. a mix of fun music, Charlie said it's mostly R&B pop with a jazz influence. 

"I'm way more confident about this album because I wrapped my whole heart and whole self around these songs," Charlie said about Voicenotes vs his debut album Nine Track Mind . "This album is much more me." 

He went on to explain that releasing this album has been a little bit unconventional for him. Charlie produced the whole thing from the ground up and in the process decided to push the project back a year. 

Elvis Duran and the Morning Show co-host Danielle Monaro asked Puth if he's ever written a song that ended up being so personal he decided not to release it. 

"It almost happened with this song with "The Way I Am." I think people are going to hear that soon. It was so much of me and I was about to tell people things that they don't know about me, which was a little frightening. But, the song was undeniable and I think the song is really good. So I had to put that out there."

Charlie later said that some people will be shocked by "The Way I Am" and others will be weirdly irritated. He also revealed that at the last min, the album cover was changed to fit his personality more. 

(Hum... what does it all mean?)

Listen to Elvis Duran's full audio interview with Charlie Puth below:

Photo Source: Getty Images