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#WhatsTrending: Smarter Flatware = Better Dining

Flatware is usually not something people spend a lot of time thinking about- until you hold an incredible piece! That's exactly what happened when I went to my friend's house and picked up a titanium black fork from Knork

It's super hard to try to explain, but this silverware is AWESOME! It is more heavy than average pieces, which means nothing gets lost in the dishwasher! They are super smooth, and are a very interesting shape- they almost look more like a decoration than a utensil to put food in my pie holt. PLUS, they are sharp as hell! Sets come in black, gold, silver, and brass, and in an assortment of set sizes. 

The BEST part?! USE CODE "ELVIS" for 55% off at checkout! Order by 5/7 and you can even get them in time for Mother's Day!!!! 

Xoxoxoxox, SAM