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What I Learned as a Bikini Model for a Day!

Hello friends! Sam here, and I want to tell you about one of the coolest/hardest/exciting-est days of my life thus far: I got to be a professional model for CocoRave, a SWIMSUIT COMPANY!

I'm going to be honest, when I was invited to do the photoshoot, I was immediately honored and excited. Soon to be followed by TOTALLY PETRIFIED! I mean, I consider myself a reasonably confident person. I love my body, even though it fluctuates in jean sizes. That's just a part of life! But once the realization hit of being alone in a room of strangers....who are used to very different looking (and acting) pros.....on display in practically nothing.....yea. I got shook.

I knew I had 3 weeks to prepare. And although I wasn't interested in doing anything intensely out of my ordinary, I knew I wanted to do something to get ready. So I decided to cut out dairy and excess sugar. I was still going to eat my fruit and regular food, but maybe not binge out on Sour Patch Kids just because I was passing a drug store! PLUS, I added a 20-minute ab circuit to my every-other-day routine, just for that extra kick. Besides, I was more interested in looking strong than "skinny" (sorry, I hate that word). So abs for 20 > running for 20.

On top of that? I practiced as much self-love as possible. I literally told my body it was healthy and worthy every day, drank a lot of water, and accepted the fact that I was going to be a good foot shorter than anyone else that worked for them, hahahaha, and you know what? Come game time, with the pockets of flub and inability to stand without sucking it in? I grew to love my body even more on that shoot. Because I was NOT a model. I was EVERY WOMAN. I just happen to currently be standing in front of a camera with cool swimsuits and extra-fabulous hair!

It certainly did not hurt that all 6 people there, from photographer to stylist to hair/makeup were silly and supportive. They were just like me- we even ordered lunch BEFORE we started, which made me super comfortable! They wanted to laugh and capture "fun" more than magazine-chic. And when I was at a loss after hours of trying to pose? They would literally stand behind the photographer and show me how I should stand. Hahaha! It was so silly and beyond what I was expecting

The takeaway I want anyone to get from this- BESIDES have fun with your love for yourself? Is do things out of your ordinary. It is healthy to be a little scared, curious, cautious, uncertain, or even slightly insecure! These are the moments that "bring you to life," as my favorite teacher from high school would say. The moments that get your heart beating and your palms clammy, and remind you- YOU ARE ALIVE! Because when those moments are all done? You walk out with GROWTH <3  

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These were some of the pics that didn't make the cut.

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