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Greg T's #TopicTrain: Bad Cooks, Going to Concerts Alone + More!

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OVERCROWDED: Greg T The Frat Boy knows this one person who went away for the weekend and spent the night with 14 people to keep the cost down! 😯 How many people have you roomed with to keep the cost down?

SOME PEOPLE CAN COOK...AND SOME CAN'T: So Elvis made a lasagna and it was fantastic! It made Greg T say, "Honestly, some people can cook and some just can't." What food have you completely messed up? Who in your family thinks they can cook, but they're actually horrible?

ALONE AT A CONCERT: Ever been to a concert by yourself? You wanted to see this band play so badly and nobody wanted to go with you, so you went alone! Greg T thinks that's a little bit strange. Where have you gone alone?

JOBS YOU'LL HIRE SOMEONE FOR NEXT TIME:  So all weekend Greg T was painting his house. Ugh! The taping of the walls and the changing of the brushes and the paint! The drips! Forget it! Next time, he's hiring a professional! So what did you do that you now realize why there are professionals to do these jobs?

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