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Echosmith Wows Elvis Duran Listeners With Live Radio Performance

The band Echosmith stopped Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to perform their new single, "Over My Head," from their new EP, Inside a Dream. They also treated Elvis Duran listeners to a live radio performance of their triple-hit platinum single, "Cool Kids."

Leading lady Sydney Sierota, and her two brothers, Graham (drums) and Noah (bass) reminisced with Elvis Duran about their humble start as a kid-family act. They got their start playing at elementary schools, farmers markets and giving street performances in Santa Monica, California.

Following breakout success with their debut album Talking Dreams, the group is not taking any breaks before moving forward with a sophomore album. 

"Basically all the music is done. We may change teeny tiny things, but we're now at the point where we are choosing which songs are going on the album which is hard because we spent the past two years writing and recording so many songs, it's ridiculous," Sydney said about their upcoming release. Once they get back from touring, they'll figure out what to name the record! 

You can catch Echosmith on the road, playing across North America until May 12th in New York, Austin, Nashville, San Diego and more! 

Get the video interview + pics from Echosmith's visit to Elvis Duran and the Morning show below: