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Groom Surprises Bride With Killer Clown In Wedding Pics

Texas groom, Vince Alexander, surprised his wife, Manda, with a unique one-year anniversary gift.

The couple, who were married in March 2017 in San Antonio, had an unexpected wedding photobomber and Manda had no idea. Vince had originally told his bride-to-be he wanted a clown at the wedding to tie balloons and entertain guests, but when that idea got scrapped, he opted for a killer clown surprise instead.

With the help of their photographer, Megan Bowling, from Pop of Color Images, Vince was able to sneak the creepy character (his brother dressed in costume) into some of the pics without Manda seeing. 

For their one-year anniversary, also known as the 'paper' anniversary,' Vince presented his wife with the surprise pic! 

Check out her reaction video below: