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Hey! What’s up?! I’m Intern Claire and I’m a junior at Pace University. I’m majoring in Communications with a minor in Women & Gender Studies.

Let’s start with the basics. I love all kinds of music (except Country, sorry Yaritza!), exploring New York City, and cheering on my favorite sports teams. I’m a huge fan of Harry Styles, which seems to be a common theme among all of the EDMS interns. My favorite song changes almost every week, but currently it’s “Surround Me,” by Léon – make sure to check her out!

I’m super excited to be interning at Elvis Duran and the Morning Show! So far, my time at EDMS has been AMAZING. I honestly can’t believe I work here. I’ve learned so much already, from answering phone calls and emails, to new software like Audacity and Pro Tools. I feel like I learn something new every day (huge thank you to Brody & Yaritza). It’s been hard adjusting to going to sleep at 8 P.M., but I’m getting there!

On my first day I was lucky enough to watch Dan & Shay perform “Tequila,” which may have actually changed my mind about disliking Country music. They were INCREDIBLE! Truly one of the craziest “first days,” I’ve ever had.

Then, my second week here, I heard that Liam Payne would be coming in with Rita Ora to promote their new single, “For You,” from Fifty Shades Freed. I have always been a huge fan of One Direction and support all of their solo endeavors (I’m still secretly hoping they’ll reunite). I told ALL of my friends that I’d be seeing Liam Payne. When the day finally came, I took extra time getting ready in the morning. I picked out my best outfit and was THRIVING as I entered the studio. I spent the morning working with Pro Tools, and when Liam Payne came in, I was too nervous to come out and meet him. I’ll never forgive myself for it! Oh well, I’ll just maintain the excuse that I’m 100% professional. A member of One Direction? No big deal.

Everyone at Elvis Duran and the Morning Show has been incredible. I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to work for my favorite radio show.

Follow along for more exciting adventures!

Instagram: kuhlaireeetz