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Elvis Duran Dares Danielle Monaro $5,000 To Eat Mayo (For Charity!)

Today we were so excited to have Jersey Mike's Subs and The Make-A-Wish Foundation in-studio with us! 

The incredible people from Jersey Mike's Subs presented The Make-A-Wish Foundation with a check for $5,000 in honor of the International Month of Giving! Tomorrow, March 28th, 100% of proceeds from all Jersey Mike's Subs shops will be donated to over 170 local charities! For more info, visit

In typical Elvis Duran style, he matched the $5,000 with money out of his own pocket and then offered to throw in ANOTHER $5,000 if Danielle ate a spoonful of mayo! In total, we raise $20,000! 

Watch all the drama go down at 2:49!