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INTERN BLOG: Wow They Are Tall!

It's always exciting when a solo artist comes in for a performance, but this was EXTRA exciting because it was my first experience having a band perform in studio

. I have always loved and respected 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER for all being able to play instruments. It was awesome being in the studio with them before they performed on air because I was able to see them all trying out each other's instruments. For example, Ashton, the drummer, was playing the guitar while they relaxed before their performance! The band was basically discovered by One Direction and they opened up for them for two of their tours. I have been following 5 Seconds of Summer since then because I have seen them on tour so many times with 1D.

Interning with the Elvis Duran Show provides me with experiences that I never would have imagined. Working with Jake on the video team, we get "front row" to all of the action. It's pretty awesome watching performances live in a small space with huge artists and knowing that millions of people are listening. My favorite part however is the downtime in between soundcheck and the live performance because we get to talk with the artists!

After the performance, the other interns and I got to do a little meet and greet with the band. They are SO TALL! A lot of the celebrities are usually shorter than I imagined, but all the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer are over 6 feet tall. They were great. Such nice guys. Thanks for being you 5 Seconds of Summer.

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