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INTERN BLOG: My Beyoncé moment finally happened!

It’s been almost two months since I began as a Radio Intern at Elvis Duran and so much has happened since my first blog.

To begin, I got to be on freaking air. ON AIR. O N A I R. As an intern you pitch ideas and topics to Brody that can be used for “What’s Trending” posts, online content and possibly even for the radio. Somehow my weird, messy life did me a solid favor for once. I decided to pitch a story about the time I took my roommate’s Tinder so that I could finesse money from random guys in order to buy Insomnia cookies for us.

The morning started like any other day; I swiped my ID into the studio, put the Yaritz Bitz, horoscopes and the Danielle Report in front of everyone’s chairs and began looking for the first caller as the show was starting. About an hour goes by then Brody rushes out of the studio, points at Intern Marissa and me and says, “Amy, Marissa, come stand here right now.” Instantly, a million thoughts start running through my head- “Oh my god, am I in trouble? What did I mess up? Does he hate my idea? Should I run? Do I play dead?”. Marissa and I run over to the studio door and Brody escorts us over to the microphone AND AT THIS POINT I’M TRYING TO KEEP MY COOL BECAUSE I’M ABOUT TO TALK ON AIR TO THOUSANDS OF LISTENERS WHO DO NOT WANT TO BE DISAPPOINTED. Clearly you can tell I’m still trying to be cool about it. Elvis introduced Marissa and her hilarious story and then I got to speak into the mic about my crazy adventure.

I think I might have blacked out while talking because I don’t know what happened after I opened my mouth, but as long as I didn’t curse or make a HUGE fool out of myself, I am happy. Dreaming about speaking on the Morning Show is so different from actually speaking on it. Reality is better. To think that thousands and thousands of people all over the world heard me speak and called in and sent texts about what I had to say, nothing compares to that.

To top it off, a few weeks ago I got to bring Jimmy freaking Fallon a coffee. Please understand the stress level I felt as I was trying to make my hands stop shaking. Who knew getting coffee could be so thrilling?

Well, in the meantime I’ve been trying to master ProTools, Nexgen, Audacity and the phone system… because it likes to crash when I work :) Researching and editing Top of the Charts is one of my favorite responsibilities here. Not only am I exposed to great people everyday that I come in, but I'm also exposed to great music!

I’ll be back soon with another Intern Amy update, hopefully it’ll include another on-air segment and celebrity account!