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#WhatsTrending: The BEST Travel Neck Pillow!

Planes, trains, busses, road trips, whatever- I need my beauty rest! Unfortunately, sleeping while sitting up is not the most ideal situation. So we have to make it as cozy as humanly possible! According to a recent Forbes article, this easy-to-carry travel pillow from Trtl is one of the best you'll find! Plus? It's not super goofy looking!

This $29.99 sleep-assister is small and easy to carry, because you can just wrap it around a strap on your bag! How it works is there is this strong ribbed design inside, that is designed to fit your neck perfectly and keep your head/jaw comfortable. PLUS the outside is covered in a fleece, which I happen to think is one of the coziest material.

Yep. I'm all about this. Count me in for a grey one.