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INTERN BLOG: You Learn Something New Every Day


When I was younger and dreamed about interning at EDMS, I never expected to edit footage of somebody getting buttock injections. But, that’s exactly what I did this week! (Thankfully we did not have to include these clips in our final promotional video for BeautyFix.) Although surprising, this experience introduced me to the detail-oriented nature of editing sales videos. I learned how to compress footage to create thirty and sixty second clips. I also spent time editing audio to add to the video.

Later that day, I sat in on a filming of “After Elvis.” I watched as editors multi-camera edited the footage live, trying to remain as quiet as possible so that I would not disturb them while they worked. Afterwards I asked them countless questions about the work that they did. The production of this show required the skills of many people who were all working tirelessly to make sure that every episode was perfect. When I watch the show at home, it never occurs to me how many people it takes to produce such an episode. Luckily, the EDMS has an incredibly-talented group of people working to make the show a great success. I look forward to learning from each and every one of them.

Other highlights of the week included getting my intern badge activated (Finally! Now I can open doors on my own.) and Bethany cleaning out her desk. I didn’t even know that it was possible to fit so many things in a single workstation. Shout out to Bethany for my new French Press and giant mug. They are much needed on the days on which I intern, and are greatly appreciated!

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